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Best VoIP & Telephony Certifications 2018

Best VoIP & Telephony Certifications 2018

As VoIP and IP-based PBXs continue replacing traditional PBXs and PSTNs, the telephony space is changing, and so are related credentials for IT professionals. Here are five of the best of 2018.

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Network convergence, in which a single network supports telephone, video and data communication services, has resulted in immense changes to voice and telephony technologies over the last decade.

Corporate voice and telephony services are rapidly transforming from traditional public-switched telephone networks (PSTNs) and private branch exchanges (PBXs) to voice over IP (VoIP) and IP PBXs, often combined with digital faxing, videoconferencing, instant messaging and mobile communications. That means VoIP and telephony certifications now focus on digital communications, along with a good measure of IP networking protocols and methods to support such traffic and to control service quality.

In this article, we feature five solid VoIP and telephony certifications from Avaya, Certification Partners, Cisco, Digium (Asterisk) and Microsoft. If you've seen our Best Unified Communications Certifications article, you'll notice that some of our top five certifications were featured in that article as well. Unified communications covers a lot of voice and telephony ground, and it adds video and other solutions to the mix as well.

Salary is a significant consideration when deciding whether to pursue a VoIP and telephony certification. SimplyHired lists $108,184 as the average salary for a VoIP engineer, although Glassdoor's average for a VoIP engineer is somewhat lower at $83,772. Still, a salary just less than $85,000 is a worthwhile goal in the industry, with a good growth path into more senior positions readily attainable.

To help determine our top five VoIP and telephony certifications, we performed an informal job board survey. That data indicates the number of job posts in which our featured certifications were mentioned on one specific day. The data should give you an idea of the relative popularity of each certification.

Job Board Search Results (in alphabetical order, by certification)*

CertificationSimplyHiredIndeedLinkedIn Jobs
ACIS (Avaya)18189
CCNP: Collaboration (Cisco)465491
CTP (Certification Partners)11
dCAP (Asterisk)1021087623
MCSE: Productivity (Microsoft)

* See our complete methodology for selecting top five certifications in the "Best Certifications" series.