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The History of Business Communications: Telex to VoIP

The History of Business Communications: Telex to VoIP
From Telex to VoIP

Do you remember the last time one of your co-workers asked you to leave him a voicemail? How quaint. Of course, this is the same person who wanted you to “fax over that purchase request” only a couple of years ago. The same person who retired his beeper 10 years too late. The same person... well, you get the idea.

Technology marches to the beat of a frenetic drummer. Upgrade cycles come and go, and it’s so easy to forget that a method of communication that feels like an artifact from the Neolithic era was once on the cutting edge. The landscape is littered with bag phones, 9.6k modems, and other significant markers that tell the story of the evolution of business communication. Our tour starts 80 years ago with Telex, the original way to send a text.

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