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Tips for Setting Up VMware vSphere Storage DRS

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Today on Tom's IT Pro: VMware vSphere Storage DRS, Converged Infrastructure, and IT careers.

Microsoft MVP and VMware vExpert Greg Shields outlines five important settings and gotchas to keep in mind when configuring VMware's vSphere Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) in the article VMware vSphere Storage DRS: When Not to Use It.  With Storage DRS, VMware extends DRS technology, which facilitates load balancing across hosts in a cluster, beyond the processing of virtual machines to VM disk files as well.

However, Storage DRS, like DRS, is deceptively simple  to implement. And, without proper planning, mistakes can be made that will hurt your vShpere setup more than it helps. That’s why it is important to be careful when deciding to implement Storage DRS and follow Greg's list of  recommendations.

In the article Best Practices for Flawless Converged Infrastructure, Tom's IT Pro senior contributor William Van Winkle interviews HP's Converged Infrastructure expert, Doug Oathout. As William describes at the beginning of the interview, Converged Infrastructure takes three distinct components of legacy IT infrastructures (e.g. compute, storage and networking) and brings those elements under one centrally managed umbrella.

To avoid missteps and poor implementation decisions, it is important to, as William writes, follow the careful application of best practices specific to converged architecture deployment. A great place to start and learn what those are is to read his in-depth conversation with this leading authority on converged IT.

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