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Oracle's Java 7 Still Considered Unsafe

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Oracle patches critical Java vulnerability. Oracle patches critical Java vulnerability. Last week, Oracle released a critical patch for Java addressing three different vulnerabilities that affect Java running in desktop browsers. Oracle as well as browser makers, including Mozilla, advised users to install the fix.

However, it appears that there are still open issues that the patch did not cover. Security firm Security Explorations has made some waves claiming that the issued fix for Java 6 and 7 is now paving the way for another vulnerability. The company told Information Week that "there are still not-yet-addressed, serious security issues that affect the most recent version of Java 7." Apparently the issue would allow an attacker to bypass Java's sandbox.

For Security Explorations, the vulnerability is critical enough to recommend users to disable Java for now. The problem, however, is only present in Java 7, and not in Java 6. According to Security Explorations, 25 of the 29 Java vulnerabilities it informed Oracle about have not been fixed by the company yet.

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