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WaveMaker Makes Waves In Enterprise Mobile App Development

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WaveMaker announced the availability of a hybrid mobile app development tool as part of its Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform. The product is boasted as a “zero-code” solution that can automatically create desktop, Android and iOS apps that conform to platform standards from an enterprise’s existing application.

WaveMaker claimed its streamlined app development software can reduce labor costs by saving developers an estimated 80 percent of the time and effort it takes to develop mobile applications for smartphones. With the addition of hybrid mobile app development capabilities, organizations can quickly and efficiently alleviate development and maintenance workloads associated with traditional cross-platform app development using WaveMaker’s RAD platform.

The new mobile platform development software uses mobile-ready widgets that can access device capabilities such as the camera, local file storage, network and GPS functions. There’s even support for various screen resolutions and device sizes. You can build cross-platform installers from your existing apps or start from scratch with mobile-ready page templates that provide a good base for most common UI capabilities. A single click can create an app that spans across the entire mobile ecosystem.

Hybrid Mobile Rapid Application Development (Hybrid MRAD) is especially useful for enterprises looking to migrate their internal business productivity and media apps to mobile platforms. WaveMaker seems to offer a great deal of flexibility with its MRAD solution.

WaveMaker RAD Hybrid Mobile App Development provides the tools enterprises need to start a mobile project, including source code control system integration, team development and test suites. It’s available now as a 30-day trial on the WaveMaker Online platform. You can sign up and get started for free at WaveMaker’s official website. After the trial period, WaveMaker offers its developer suite at $500 per month, per app, as well as annual plans priced at $2,000 per year, per app.

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