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WaveMaker Extends Rapid Application Development Platform With Professional Services

By - Source: WaveMaker

Today, WaveMaker introduced professional services to augment and increase the effectiveness of its rapid application development (RAD) software.  WaveMaker already included software that made it easy for non developers to create applications using a no code solution. With this latest release, new tools make this easier than ever and by introducing services such as microservices architecture and application programming interfaces (APIs) the company is gearing up a platform that is just as enticing for professional developers.

Some of the features that WaveMaker offers include the ability to overlay a mobile user interface on top of an existing web application making it easier to create mobile apps for multiple platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows.

"Mobile devices across a range of platforms are invading the enterprise at an unprecedented rate," said Vijay Pullur, CEO of WaveMaker. "And the apps that will drive productivity of users on those devices are overwhelmingly revenue-producing apps, such as those required in eCommerce. This has created a challenge in the enterprise to define, develop, and deploy new apps at light speed. For many enterprises, the only viable option has been to outsource development, and at considerable cost and the loss of direct control over quality. WaveMaker's no-coding RAD platform, together with comprehensive professional services, empowers internal developers to take control of their own destiny."  

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WaveMaker is also introducing professional services including short term consulting projects that can be use to jump-start application development using WaveMaker, and training services to bring a development team up to speed on how to use WaveMaker RAD and its rapid prototyping philosophy. If you need more than just a little help, WaveMaker can take care of all it for you, performing design, development and hosting of custom applications in their entirety, taking the burden off your IT department completely.

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