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WD Launches 4th-Gen Arkeia Backup Rack-Mounts

By - Source: Western Digital

On Friday, Western Digital launched its fourth-generation Arkeia line of products built to serve the network backup and disaster recovery needs for small- and medium-sized businesses. The update consists of four new rack-mount appliance models with integrated SSDs, larger internal disk capacities, faster processors and more memory than the previous generation. These products also come with an updated software suite with support for hybrid cloud backups and more.

The new models -- RA4300, RA4300T, RA5300, RA6300 -- will reside at the higher end of the company's WD Arkeia product portfolio, joining the existing lower-range R120, R120T, R220 and R220T models which sport dual-core Atom and quad-core Xeon processors, up to 16 GB of memory, two Gigabit network interfaces, and up to 12 TB of raw HDD capacity on certain models. The older R120T and R220T also include an internal tape drive.

The four new Arkeia models include quad-core Xeon, hex-core Xeon and two hex-core Xeon processors, up to 48 TB of raw HDD capacity, up to 40 TB of licensed disk capacity, and up to 96 GB of memory, depending on the model. The RA4300T sports an integrated LTO5 tape drive, and the RA5300 and RA6300 include SSDs with 360 GB and 480 GB respectively. These latter two also have four Gigabit ports whereas the other two models only have two Gigabit ports.

According to the specs, all four new Arkeia units arrive in 2U rack-mount form factors whereas the previous generation is offered in a 2U-Tabletop form factor with an optional rail kit (R120, R120T) and a 2U rack-mount form factor (R220, R220T). The new RA5300 and RA6300 units also have an option for two 10 Gbps network interface cards and an 8 Gbps Fibre Channel host bus adapter. And as previously stated, all four new products will come bundled with WD Arkeia 10.1.

"Version 10.1 of WD Arkeia software extends support for hybrid cloud backup capabilities to the full line of WD Arkeia appliances," the company said. "'Seed and feed' capabilities allow administrators to supplement network replication of backup sets offsite by using USB-connected hard drives to transfer initial and large backup sets and also to size WAN bandwidth for the replication of nightly incremental backups."

The new fourth-generation WD Arkeia rack-mounts are available now (July 2013) through select DMR’s and WD-authorized value-added resellers (VARs) in the US, Canada, and Europe. Pricing starts at $9,990 USD, and includes one year of unlimited access to technical support, one year of software updates, and a one-year limited hardware warranty.

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