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WeaveWorks Scope Gives A Visual Graph Of Docker Containers

By - Source: WeaveWorks

WeaveWorks announced the availability of an open source project called Scope, which promises to map out Docker containers within your environment. WeaveWorks Scope presents application monitoring data important to both developers and operations teams. 

Scope is a functional add-on to Weave and will be integrated more fully into the product family within the coming weeks. For now, it's available to evaluate, but potential users should note that until Scope is fully integrated into Weave, there will be many updates to the software. 

The topology graphs generated by Scope help to visualize Docker containers, the applications running inside them, and the connections between those applications. The maps can be grouped and organized by application or by host name. Once created, it is possible to drill down into the nodes for detailed information about the application and containers. 

Scope is the result of an acquisition by WeaveWorks that included the software and the development team. Peter Bourgon and David Kaltschmidt, two Scope developers, have now joined WeaveWorks and are continuing the development and implementation into Weave. 

Docker is container management software that offers a flexible option to manage and deploy applications. Containers are an isolated environment that operates independently but also shares the resources of a host operating system. By using containers, many applications can run on a virtual machine, with each container "believing" that it is the only application running on the OS. 

The isolation of a container presents difficulties when trying to make connections between those containers, even if they are on the same host OS. WeaveWorks' first product, Weave, allowed those connections to happen through implementing a software defined network inside the containers. 

WeaveWorks was founded in September 2014 by the team that created RabbitMQ, an open source message broker. After creating Weave, WeaveWorks received $5 million in Series A funding from Accel Partners. WeaveWorks is headquartered in London.