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Barracuda Networks Link Balancer Series - WAN Optimization

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Barracuda Networks Link Balancer Series - WAN Optimization

The devices in the Link Balancer Series from Barracuda Networks are designed to improve WAN performance by optimizing traffic using bandwidth management techniques, such as QoS and inbound link balancing. The top of the line Link Balancer 430, which is priced at around $8,000 offers 550Mbps of traffic throughput, 35 dedicated site to site VPN links and resiliency features, such as failover, health monitoring and network traffic firewall services. The other Link Balancer models in the series offer the same feature set of the 430, but are rated for lower throughput, less connections and fewer site to site VPN capabilities. The entry level Link Balancer 230 is priced at under $1800, and supports throughput rates of 150Mbps and can support 10 site to site VPN connections.

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