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Quality of Service Controls - WAN Optimization

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Quality of Service Controls - WAN Optimization

Another option is to throttle bandwidth usage with QoS (Quality of Service) controls, or other options to allocate bandwidth to those with the most need. However, QoS is once again only a reactionary way to solve the problem; it does nothing to accelerate existing connectivity. QoS simply gives certain types of traffic priority over others. Furthermore, QoS can be tricky to setup and needs to be managed. Also, QoS proves to be almost useless when it comes to solving a bandwidth saturation problem with traffic that uses QOS. Before investing in more bandwidth or delving into QoS setup, there is another approach that can significantly improve WAN performance, without incurring excessive monthly costs or having to deal with high maintenance, policy drive solutions – such as QoS enabled routers. That approach involves making some minor infrastructure changes and placing a WAN Optimization appliance at the edge of your interconnected networks. WAN Optimization solutions come in all shapes and sizes, offering a variety of options, yet all have the goal – optimizing and accelerating traffic over the WAN connection. Nevertheless, there are certain decisions you need to make before choosing a product to speed up your WAN connections.

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