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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: What IT Professionals Must Know

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

These are the most important business-friendly features rolling out in the new Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Microsoft took the wraps off the next Windows 10 update at its developers conference Build 2017. The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will officially launch in September 2017. It brings with it some interesting changes. These are the most important features you can expect to see.

Easier set up

The Windows AutoPilot Deployment Program and Windows AutoPilot both hope to improve the provisioning and deployment of Windows 10. The Deployment Program is primarily for OEMs, distributors and resellers, which will allow them to provide users with fully business-ready machines by adding Azure Active Directory, Intune mobile device management and Office 365 ProPlus apps. Enrolling your company in the AutoPilot program makes it simple to track, configure and set up employees computers. 

Fluent Design System

The new Windows 10 features a Fluent Design System that aims to make interacting with your machine more intuitive and human. The Fluent Design System is based on the premise of using Light, Depth, Motion, Material and Scale to improve the user interface. Light is used to illuminate your cursor's movements and draw your attention to menu items as you click through your regular tasks, which doesn't offer much added functionality, but does look nice.

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There's also a sense of depth and motion in the latest Windows 10, you can not only zoom in and out you can also change the angle of your POV. This gives the user the sense of being able to move around 3D objects, and will probably be most appreciated by creative professionals. The Fluent Design System includes some added Windows Ink functionality; Microsoft announced that it's now possible to scroll using the pen.

Improved Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

For Enterprise users, Microsoft is now calling ATP a suite of tools. It will now include Application Guard, Device Guide and Antivirus. The package isolates potential malware and exploits downloaded via the browser and isolates and contains the threat. It will use virtualization-based security, isolating potentially malicious code in containers. 

Story Remix

A cool new feature, Story Remix allows you to automatically generate videos using your own video clips and photos. With no hands-on editing required Story Remix uses AI to create a video that looks and feels as if it was edited by hand. You can also set parameters so the video is focused on certain individuals, you can add in special effects and 3D images from Remix 3D, and you can layer sound over top of the final product.

OneDrive Files on Demand & Microsoft Graph

Roaming between devices will be easier after the newest Windows 10 is released. Thanks to OneDrive Files on Demand and Microsoft Graph you'll be able to bring all your files and activities from separate devices into a unified cloud. Not only that, but the new OneDrive Files on Demand will help you manage what gets stored on your hard drive and what doesn't.

Windows Timeline & Cortana

Probably the best productivity tool in the bunch, Windows Timeline will use visual cards to log what you're working on every day, so you can easily scroll through past days, click, and pick up where you left off. You can also use Cortana's "Pick up where you left off" feature to manage your productivity across all your devices.

This means you'll be able to start working on a document on your PC and then switch to your phone without missing a beat. The work you then perform on your phone will also be logged in your timeline, so when you go back to your PC later, you'll see it. You'll even be able to set up reminder notifications to your Android or iPhone.

Cloud Clipboard

In the new Windows 10 the Cloud Clipboard will allow you to seamlessly post and share things between devices with different OS. So, you'll be able to post a photo from your PC to your iPhone without emailing it to yourself, which is pretty much a win.

Windows Store

The Windows Store is continuing to expand. Microsoft announced that iTunes, SAP mobile, Ubuntu, Autodesk and Spotify will be available in the Windows Store, which is a boon for business users and designers alike. Microsoft is adamant that this is only the beginning of the Windows Store and that more in-demand apps are on the pipeline.

Only time will tell what adopting the new Windows 10 will mean for IT Admins, but when it comes out we'll be ready.