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Top 10 Windows 8.1 Productivity Apps

Top 10 Windows 8.1 Productivity Apps

Microsoft's App Store currently offers over a thousand applications designed to help you increase productivity on Windows 8.1 devices. We've narrowed down the list to our favorite 10 productivity apps for Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 is here and while the initial reaction wasn't enthusiastic, it is here to stay. With Microsoft continuing to publish updates, it seems the Windows 8.1 team has been listening to the users and incorporating more requested features to help ease the transition. Additionally, more vendors are incorporating touch screens in both laptops and desktops, which further helps the transition to Windows 8.1. To contribute to this, we have a list of Windows 8.1 applications that can help you increase your productivity even more.

Skype WiFi

For those road warriors out there, being connected is critical. Our mobile devices allow us to never be far from the next email, and most travelers have gotten pretty good at reviewing that 48-page document on a 4" screen. However, Skype WiFi provides a solution where, for a little bit in Skype "credit", we can access millions of hotspots around the world from the full size comfort of our full size laptops / tablets without the need for tethering and using expensive cellular data plans.

Office 365

For many business users, Microsoft Office has become one of the critical business tools used for every day operations. Office 365 continues that trend with an update to one of its most popular products after Windows. Office 365 takes a familiar interface and integrates OneDrive for portability between devices, and unlike Google Docs, the ability to go completely offline. Office 365, however, does not take full advantage of the updated 8.1 interfaces, choosing to use the "desktop" mode instead. After all, in an application suite that relies on a mouse and keyboard, the touch screen option isn't really the best choice.


OneNote by Microsoft is a free digital notepad for your Windows 8.1 PC that can also sync to Macs, iOS or Android devices. OneNote gives you the ability to quickly record text, make sketches or highlight images without having to launch a full word processor.  Your data is sync’d in the cloud, allowing you access to your notebook type data no matter what device you might be using.  The biggest drawback is OneNote does not support inserting Office documents, but for free it’s hard to argue with this digital notepad.


Microsoft’s answer to Google Drive and Dropbox is OneDrive (previously named SkyDrive).  While OneDrive offers about half the initial capacity of Google Drive, the seamless integration between Windows 8.1 / Microsoft Office and OneDrive cannot be matched by other cloud storage providers.  This ease of use removes the upload / download or syncing steps required by other providers.  As long as your connected Windows 8.1 simply integrates OneDrive just like a USB or local drive.