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Mastering Windows 8 Power Settings

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Today on Tom's IT Pro: Windows 8: Sleep and Hibernation Settings.

In his last article for Tom's IT Pro, IT consultant and writer Guy Thomas extends his ongoing overview of Windows 8 to understanding the upcoming operating system’s power options. As Guy points out, Windows 8 offers quit a few sleep and hibernation settings. There are so many, users may have difficulty finding information about their exact situation when troubleshooting, however.

Not to worry. The article (available here) describes a number of hibernation and sleep scenarios to help you wrap your head around Windows 8's snoozing habits. In addition to detailing Windows 8’s power options, Guy—among other things—demonstrates how Microsoft altered the settings from Windows 7, exactly where to manage and troubleshoot them, and how there is no longer a Standby setting, a part of Windows since XP.

Here are additional articles Guy’s written about Windows 8:

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