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How to Configure Windows Server 2008 for Remote Desktop

Naughty, But Nice Windows Server 2008 Settings

What Remote Desktop does is permit you to connect to Server Windows 2008 from Vista, or even XP machine.  This ability is useful if you suddenly forget a setting, or remember that you have made a configuration mistake. 

There is one problem, by default Remote Desktop is disabled; the solution requires foresight, you have to enable Remote Desktop before you leave the server room.

To enable Remote Desktop, open the System Properties. My favorite method is to hold down the Windows Key , then press the Pause / Break key.  Alternatively, you could navigate via the Control Panel, Support and Maintenance, System and then Remote Settings.  Naturally, add your own account in the Select Users dialog box, because in this scenario, you will be the person taking advantage of Remote Desktoping to this machine.  If in doubt, select the link 'Help me choose'

Trap: Confusing Remote Desktop with Remote Assistance.

Remote Desktop Connection

To activate the client side of the connection, i.e. on the remote machine, go to Start, All Programs, Accessories and Remote Desktop Connection.

Trap: Don't confuse Remote Desktop with Remote Assistance

There you have it, naughty if you set Remote Desktop incorrectly in high security company, nice if you regularly travel around a large office and need access to your Server 2008 desktop remotely.