Best Wireless Networking Certifications for 2014

Best Wireless Networking Certifications for 2014
By , Kim Lindros

If there's one technical area in networking that bubbles to the top of this active and interesting subject matter, it has to be wireless. With the explosion of mobile devices in the enterprise, wireless networking professionals are more in demand than ever.

Though networking of all kinds remains a white-hot IT concern and technology area, nothing could be hotter than wireless technologies for everything from local area networking with 802.11ac on the way in, to the widespread proliferation and adoption of fourth generation (4G) wireless wide area networking technologies such as LTE.

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Best IT Certifications for 2014

This makes it hard to pick only five wireless networking certifications at the top of the heap, so we had to cheat a little bit in this article. Thus, for example we use the cornerstone Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) as a placeholder for all upper-level Certified Wireless Networking Professional (CWNP) program certs. We also lumped together all three of the primary Cisco wireless certifications at the Associate (CCNA Wireless), Professional (CCNP Wireless), and Expert (CCIE Wireless) levels on the other.

And the five that we cite in this story represent just a small sample of the large number of wireless IT certifications available in today's marketplace, so be prepared to venture beyond our suggestions as your inclinations and proclivities may dictate.


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