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IndependenceIT Announces Updated Cloud Workspace Suite

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

With automation becoming more critical to the enterprise for organizations to maintain ability and ease of use, IndependenceIT has introduced automated virtual data center (VDC) deployment. While automation and deployment of resources within a provisioned (VDC) is not new, the automation and deployment of the VDC itself is.

Extending the automation ability from the VDC resources to the VDC’s themselves will allow providers to enhance workflow and installation requirements. Reducing the deployment time from weeks or days to hours with the Cloud Workplace Suite (CWS) through automation is the next logical step for the software defined data center.

"Because solutions in this category are complex, we have engineered our solution for simplicity from the initial platform deployment to managing Apps and Users," said Seth Bostock, CEO, IndependenceIT. "Our latest software update changes the category dynamics by taking one of the biggest industry challenges -- solution complexity -- and making it a non-issue through automation. This exceeds the intended value of the category for intelligent simplicity from both a user and service provider perspective."

Workplace as a Service (WaaS) is relatively new to the cloud offering collection. Although many existing cloud offerings focus on the technology, platform or infrastructure, WaaS is focused on business needs. This business-centric approach can help to drive value for IT as companies move from IT being a business resource to a business enabler. With this new focus on workspaces, administration ease, and end-user supporting controls, IndependenceIT provides a product to help IT change the focus from the existing silos of technology to a business-centric workflow focus through the use of extended automation. 

The updated release of Cloud Workspace Suite is hypervisor/device agnostic and can be used with public, private or hybrid-cloud environments. In addition to the automation for deployment and operations, the updated release also provides security, Active Directory management, reporting dynamic user control, group policy management, and API for additional integration.