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The Future: Modular Computers & Tablets

Slideshow: The Evolution of the Desktop Computer
The Future: Modular Computers & Tablets

Just how mobile are we? Can we live without desktop computers and move entirely to mobile computers that consist of ultracompact notebooks, Ultrabooks, tablets and smartphones? Or will there still be a need for desktop computers? Market research firms tell us that desktop PC shipments have been declining for several years, which indicates the need for a wave of innovation to make the desktop computer generally attractive again. One idea is the concept of the modular PC, which is pioneered by Xi3. Built into a compact shell, the devices have a proprietary backplane design. To increase the computing horsepower, multiple modular computers can be combined. Xi3 also demonstrated (and abandoned) a design of the computer that would solely rely on Google's Chrome OS operating system, which could hint to a future cloud desktop computer as an evolution of the thin client.

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