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Yammer Will Be Absorbed by Office 365 Groups Soon

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Microsoft is killing Yammer Enterprise plan as we know it now as of January 2017. Instead, it will start integrating the social network into Office 365 Groups. 

With the new system, Yammer will still exist, sort of. Users will be able to make Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents online in Yammer, and you will be able to share a OneNote notebook via Yammer. You'll be able to similarly use the Microsoft Planner project management tool. And Yammer teams can access their own SharePoint sites. 

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The first organizations that will be affected are those with just one network connected to one Office 365 tenant. For starters, Yammer Notes will be migrated into Word documents, which will eventually become OneNote notebooks. Yammer shared conversations will be accessible via Outlook.