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ZyXEL Expands Its 11AC Series With Two New Access Points

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

The 11AC Series is ZyXEL’s line of business-grade 802.11AC wireless devices, and the 11AC lineup just expanded with the addition of the WAC6103D-I 11AC Dual Band Access Point and NWA5123-AC Unified Access Point.
ZyXEL’s new WAC6103D-I is a dual radio 3x3 access point with a dual-optimized antenna. Traditionally, access points may be mounted on either walls or ceilings, but not necessarily both. For example, an AP designed for ceiling-mounting won't emit the radiation pattern ideal for wall-mounting, and vice-versa. The WAC6103D-I’s dual-optimized antenna overcomes this by adjusting according to its orientation.
Complementing the dual-optimized antenna, ZyXEL boasts about the WAC6103D-I’s ultra-slim design, making the AP's installation both flexible and discreet. Furthermore, the WAC6103D-I features speeds of up to 1.75 Gbps. Management of the AP is handled using ZyXEL’s Wireless Optimizer (ZWO.)Also revealed was ZyXEL’s NWA5123-AC, 2x2 802.11ac 2-in1 standalone and managed access point. This ceiling-mounted AP’s design is intended to provide optimal coverage through both internal and external antennae. The NWA5123-AC is a PoE device, meaning it can be powered via an Ethernet port. This makes installation easy by eliminating one of what would otherwise be two cables. ZyXEL suggested that the NWA5123-AC is best used in SMB environments like offices, schools and hospitals. Installation and integration for both the WAC6103D-I and NWA5123-AC into an existing network is made easy with APFlex, while the ZyXEL ONE Network (ZON) Utility is used to configure, manage and troubleshoot connected devices.

The ZyXEL WAC6103D-I and NWA5123-AC will have an MSRP of $375 and $275, respectively.

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