Clarizen's Mobile Collaboration Platform Mirrors Desktop App
By , - Source: Clarizen

Clarizen announced the release of the company's enterprise collaboration and project management application for mobile users. With this new release, the Clarizen platform gives mobile users the full functionality of the Clarizen web application, providing a consistent experience across the range of supported devices. The new release also adds Clarizen Profiles to control access to sensitive information and deliver role-based configuration.

"Clarizen is committed to providing a seamless, intuitive user journey between the desktop app and mobile devices, and our reimagined mobile platform fulfills this 'mobile and enterprise enablement' vision," said Rachel Haim Hadas, Clarizen VP of product. "Connection and collaboration power the modern workplace, with employees in multiple locations working on multiple initiatives. Employees need anytime, anywhere access to relevant projects to connect, collaborate and get work done."

The Clarizen Mobile Platform allows customers to utilize mobile technologies such as the phone and camera in performing enterprise collaboration. For example, when submitting expenses, users can photograph submitted receipts. They can also text or call colleagues from the mobile app.

The same Clarizen project files can be created and modified on the web or mobile app. The mobile app and web application share the same layout and software modules. The Clarizen applications bring together staff, management, customers and partners.

The New Clarizen Profiles feature enables organizations to set up access to collaboration data based on user, group affiliation or specific roles. Usability and security can be set up to grant or restrict access to software modules, forms and workflow actions. Multiple profiles can be made available to individual users, allowing them to switch between profiles to allow individuals to serve multiple roles.

The latest release of the Clarizen platform is available for free to current customers. The Clarizen mobile app is available now on the iPhone for Clarizen Enterprise and Clarizen Unlimited Edition customers. A version of the mobile app for Clarizen Professional Edition users will be released soon.