Innodisk Prepares For Intel Skylake Processors With New DDR4 Modules
By , - Source: Innodisk

Flash and DRAM company Innodisk announced new DDR4 memory modules specifically for Intel's upcoming Skylake Platform. The DDR4 modules announced include both DIMM and compact SO-DIMM module types and are manufactured for use in industrial environments. Skylake processors, set to be released sometime in Q3 2015, will still be backwards compatible with DDR3 modules.

Innodisk made sure to point out the advantages its DDR4 modules will have over other DDR3 sticks in industrial settings. According to Innodisk, "The new unbuffered long DIMM and compact SO-DIMM memory offerings will feature significantly lower power consumption and higher performance than comparable DDR3 modules."

When compared to common DDR3 SDRAM modules, Innodisk claims a 30 percent increase in performance and a 20 percent reduction in power consumption. Each module contains a thermal sensor that can provide temperature information for individual module monitoring. Additionally, each module is covered with a conformal coating to help prevent minor environmental damage, an obvious risk when placed into industrial environments, and it uses the extra thick 30u Golden Finger connector.

The new Innodisk DDR4 series includes four different modules: an embedded DIMM and SO-DIMM, and an embedded DIMM and SO-DIMM for servers. SO-DIMM is the compact cousin of DIMM memory, usually measuring at about half the length of DIMM modules. As for height, the Innodisk SO-DIMM modules measure 30 mm, the standard height, while the UDIMMECC modules measure 31.25 mm.

All modules run at a frequency of 2133 MHz at 1.2V and are available in either 4 GB or 8 GB sticks. The two server modules are ECC (error-correcting code) unbuffered memory, while the other two are non-ECC unbuffered memory. All modules are compliant with JEDEC Solid State Technology Association memory standards.

For more information on Innodisk DIMM and SO-DIMM memory modules, visit the company's respective product pages.