Kemp Extends Automation Of LoadMaster Load Balancers With Java API
By , - Source: KEMP Technologies

Kemp announced a new Java API that allows customers to automate deployment of the Kemp LoadMaster line of load balancing and application delivery controller solutions. The new Java API augments the LoadMaster's existing RESTful API and PowerShell support, allowing further programmatic access to Kemp hardware, virtual, and cloud based load balancer operations. This new API will help customers enhance the customization and automation of admin tasks.

"Kemp is focused on supporting customers in highly automated cloud environments. In striving to support them, we are continuing to integrate with automation orchestration platforms to make service life cycle management easier," said Peter Melerud, Chief Marketing Officer for Kemp.

Kemp LoadMaster administration can be done through a web-based GUI, with automation functions available through a RESTful API and support for the Windows PowerShell scripting language. The addition of the Java API builds upon these existing capabilities. DevOps teams can leverage the use of Java to instantiate and integrate LoadMaster into application delivery workflows for network-based services. This automation enables customers to easily scale and optimize the performance of applications across hardware, virtual and cloud deployments.

Kemp load balancers are available in the form of dedicated load balancing hardware and the Kemp Bare Metal load balancing software that runs on high performance servers from Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Oracle and Cisco Servers. Kemp LoadMaster virtual load balancers are available from VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen and VirtualBox. Kemp cloud-based load balancing and application delivery controllers are available for Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud Air and Amazon Web Services.

Multiple LoadMaster application configuration templates are available for popular applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Lync, as well as many other applications delivered over HTTP.