Portworx Takes Care Of Storage For Containers With PX-Enterprise
By , - Source: Portworx

Portworx is expanding its storage platform for containers. Portworx PX-Enterprise provides an enterprise-class storage platform to that offers organizations additional benefits and improved features, especially in the areas of management and data persistence. For organizations that are implementing, or considering using container technologies such as Docker as part of their application infrastructure strategy, having a storage platform that better supports containers can pay big dividends.

Containers are a type of application virtualization, but instead of the hypervisor being on the physical host with multiple virtual operating systems on the host, the strategy behind containers is that applications are built into individual containers that run on the operating system. With the operating system functioning as the point of abstraction, many containers can be run on the same operating system image, while each individual container operates as though it's the only thing running on the host OS.

As the technology behind Docker and other containers has exploded onto the DevOps scene, it has taken a major role in modern application provisioning and lifecycle management. And as Docker and other containers increase its positioning within the delivery of modern applications, a host of companies with supporting technologies and services have also been able to enter the market, which helps increase the value of the technology by adding to a larger ecosystem.

Portworx is one such company. Last year at DockerCon 15, Portworx released a distributed storage platform that fully supports containers. During the last year, the company's product offering left the sandbox and became what is now a free developer edition: PX-Developer.

However, as containers make the switch from development environments to production, they need a storage platform that includes everything that organizations need to operate, manage and support their production containers. PX-Enterprise handles that, with features that include the ability to provision storage on a per-container basis, snapshots for single containers, container replication and a RESTful application programming interface (API) and command-line interface to simplify management and deeper integration with the ecosystem.

"Like containers themselves, Portworx container-defined storage is radically simple, and the cost-savings are undeniable," said Murli Thirumale, CEO and co-founder of Portworx. "For the first time, we've eliminated the complex and expensive decision of purchasing storage for containers in production. Portworx will enable enterprises of all sizes to realize the true potential of containers."

PX-Enterprise is expected to be available in July 2016, and will be demonstrated at DockerCon 2016 in Seattle, Washington June 19-21.