VMware Mobile Security Alliance Expands To CASB Vendors
By , - Source: VMware

VMware has announced advancements coming from the VMware Mobile Security Alliance that bring many of the same security initiatives that have been established in endpoint security to cloud endpoints as well. By bringing updated approaches to vendors in the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) market segment, the VMware Mobile Security Alliance hopes to improve endpoint security across a larger scope by providing tools and management to disparate security solutions.

The VMware Mobile Security Alliance was developed to address what VMware saw as a growing problem in the security solutions market. While there are a lot of great security products in the industry, too many limit their focus to one specific market or product, such as application security or network security. Though there are benefits to specializing in one security area and focusing efforts on doing one thing well, it also lends itself to a larger issue in the industry where individual security products are used in silos. As the industry grows, further segmentation occurs and visibility of the larger picture is lost.

In today's IT environments, users can't be counted on to be truly a part of the corporate intranet. Even a few years ago, as mobile devices gained a foothold in the enterprise workplace, most of the traffic was still in the data center. Mobile devices would use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to secure their communications, and at the other end of that mobile device was a corporate intranet site or some computing resource that was still in the data center. But as cloud services have evolved, and cloud computing has come to be more blended with a business's overall compute strategy, many organizations are seeing traffic that they consider to be part of their business never even enter the data center. It goes from a tablet, across a cellular network, to end at a cloud service provider like AWS or Azure.

To bring the efforts of multiple security vendors and platforms together into a manageable and cohesive unit, VMware Mobile Security Alliance provides a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that can be used to help security platforms talk both to each other and to other components in the infrastructure.

Joining VMware in the Mobile Security Alliance are a wide range of industry partners, including Intel, Palo Alto, F5, FireEye and Proofpoint.