VMware's TrustPoint Combines Endpoint Security And Management
By , - Source: VMware

VMware has announced a new endpoint protection solution, the result of its partnership with security and systems management company Tanium. VMware TrustPoint offers security, discovery, and management of endpoints to organizations, and provides continuous monitoring, detection and remediation of advanced threats.

VMware TrustPoint is a complete endpoint security system that moves between prevention and detection of threats. TrustPoint brings endpoint security and endpoint management together into a single platform that is able to rapidly change and adapt to meet the needs of the current environment. Traditional security products are typically focused around preventing a virus from executing on the machine through initial configuration and keeping up-to-date virus definitions. The advanced detection techniques in TrustPoint are based on a standpoint that the viruses are already there, and the point is to detect and remediate more than prevent.

As security platforms and management platforms are beginning to merge into a single component, new tools are made available to combat an always evolving threat landscape.

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Just like enterprise IT is in a constant state of flux, endpoint threats are likewise constantly making leapfrog advances in their adaptability and how they spread vulnerabilities. With a configuration and detection-style threat management solution, you update patches, make sure that you have the latest version of applications installed, and maintain up-to-date virus definitions. But as enterprises scale out their infrastructure, it becomes increasingly hard to manage and detect all of the vulnerabilities in the entire organization.

One of the ways that Tanium technology contributes to VMware TrustPoint is through its link-chain architecture model. In the link-chain model, each endpoint also serves as a management point to some of the endpoints around it. This quickly works to identify what is out there and what its current state is.

The endpoints, then, become a huge factor in identifying what's in the environment. On the individual endpoints themselves, the agents identify what's running on the endpoint and what is required from a security standpoint. They also provide insight into machines that are connected or accessible from the endpoint, so it's possible to identify endpoints that are currently unmanaged.

For more information on VMware TrustPoint, visit vmware.com. More information on Tanium and their approach to security management is available at tanium.com.